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The Executive Committee, purely technical / operational in nature, is paired with a Honour Committee that includes famous and successful women, not necessarily ROSA that support those not yet famous that compete for the Award, and a self-deprecating (so that the prize is not accused of feminism) Committee for Equal Opportunities made up by men only.


Committee Members currently in office:

Honours Committee:
Laura Biagiotti, Diana Bracco, Barbara Ensoli, Annamaria Colao, Linda Lanzillotta, Beatrice Marzano, Marisa Pinto Olori del Poggio, Carla Rabitti Bedogni, Maria Teresa Salvemini

Equal Opportunities Committee:
Luigi Abete, Stefano Balsamo, Rodigro Bianchi, Elio Catania, Paolo Cuccia Vittorio Grilli, Antonio Marzano, Andrea Monorchio, Luigi Paganetto, Filippo Pandolfi, Antonio Pedone, Mario Sarcinelli, Chicco Testa, Umberto Vattani


Executive Committee:
Alessandra Oddi Baglioni, Maria Teresa de Luca, Laura Iris Ferro, Marcella Tonnarelli Grassetti, Carlotta Gaudioso, Beatrice Marzano, Cecilia Perrone, Federico Farinelli, Fabio de Concilio 


Founder and Coordinator:
Carlotta Gaudioso


strictly women only, for a Prize "from women to successful women"

1)     Canova Club Female Members

2)     Canova Club Members’ wives.

3)     Spouses of the Honours Committee Members.

4)     Speakers’ of Honour wives.

5)     Canova Charity Female Supporters

6)     Canova Charity Supporters’ wives

7)     Special Female Friends

8)     Rosa Award Special Guests