Our History

The Canova Club’s “Rosa Award” was created in 2002 thanks to a brilliant idea of Carlotta Gaudioso (a radiologist with a passion for Economics and Finance) then frequenter of the Canova, one of Rome’s most prestigious clubs for Economics and Finance, conceived, created and chaired by Stefano Balsamo, Vice Chairman of JPMorgan, over thirty-five years ago.

Since speaker of honours were invariably men, Carlotta challenged the chairman of the club: it didn’t go unheard, as Balsamo agreed upon her developing a dedicated project within the club, which gave birth to the R.O.S.A prize.

The Award aims to celebrate women in every respect, and above all with regard to their working achievements. Carlotta was thus able to leverage on the unique credibility of the Canova Club to give a true message in support to women in career, helping to achieve that parity of rights and opportunities too many times just invoked and not applied in reality.

Rosa (Pink in English) is not just the color that identifies the female gender, but it is also the acronym for Risultati Ottenuti Senza Aiuti (Results Obtained Without Help) which is exactly the core of the award: having achieved remarkable and prestigious goals with her own skills and commitment.

The prize is an hymn to virtue, and a concrete and tangible example to future generations as it shows that through commitment, earnestness, hard work, you can achieve any goal.

The Prize is awarded once a year, during a Gala Dinner held in Rome during the month of May, not by chance known as the month of roses.

Conversely, the location varies every year, taking advantage of the endless opportunities offered by Rome, and has so far visited unforgettable buildings and museums  like Palazzo Barberini, the National Gallery of Modern Art, Tempio di Pietra, Monumental Complex Santo Spirito in Sassia, Palazzo Colonna).

Nominations are put forward through various channels (Canova Club Members, newspapers, TV, Internet) and CVs are collected throughout the year.

The Executive Committee selects up to a maximum of fifteen CVs despite the growing number of nominations, and invites the nominees for a welcome lunch. During the lunch, each nominee will introduce herself and give a brief speech, strictly in 3 minutes, to the three Rosa Committees: Executive, Honour and Equal Opportunities.

The Committees’ member will shortlist – through a poll –the finalists. A one pager CV for each of them will be submitted to the Award Jury that will choose the winner.

The Committees’ members will – at the same time – assign the "Critics Award" to the nominee that has received more votes by the three Committees during the lunch presentation.

The Award consists of a golden rose, a valuable brooch that can also be used as a pendant inspired to the flower for excellence to be offered to a woman, a jewel to reward a capable and deserving woman. Two “C”s resembling the Canova Club logo are added to make of it an even more unique piece.

During the Gala Dinner, special award plates may be delivered to deserving and famous women not taking part to the prize, and hence not necessary meeting the ROSA criteria.

Giorgio Napolitano, President of the Republic, on March 7, 2009 (woman’s day in Italy) personally delivered a public award to the ROSA handing over a plate "To the commitment in underlining the professional virtue of women".

The President Napolitano also wanted to give the R.O.S.A., even his own Medal as a testimony of representation in the next edition.